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“Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up.”

We believe that Art is a subject that can help us to understand and give meaning to the world in which we live. Art effects everyone’s lives and as such is an extremely valuable subject. Through our curriculum, we aim to provide our children with an experience that is exciting and to ensure that our pupils combine practical skills with creative thinking and as a result develop highly valuable and transferrable skills for future careers and life.

Why do we teach Art?
  • To develop imagination, creativity and expression: 

Art allows children to explore, build upon and record their own creative and imaginative ideas. Making pictures allows children to express their feelings and ideas, both as a means of self-expression and to communicate to others. Older children may use pictures for more conceptual purposes, expressing their concerns and worries. 

  • To develop an understanding of the world visually:

Pictures encourage us to think about and understand the world visually, instead of restricting learning and the acquisition of knowledge to words and numbers alone. Making pictures helps children observe more closely and therefore become better observers of detail in the world around them.

  • To develop observational skills: 

We encourage children to observe more closely and therefore become better observers of detail into the world around us

  • To develop confidence and self-esteem:

 We want the children to be proud of the art they have produced and therefore we encourage children to reflect on their work and to identify and resolve problems when exploring techniques, developing ideas and creating artworks. A child’s picture is his or her own. It has worth in its own right, without having to be measured or judged by others as right or wrong. 

  • To gain an understanding of art and design

The children will be learning about different artists and be exposed to a variety of art techniques and processes when developing ideas. 

What do we teach?

We follow the 'Kapow Primary' scheme of work, which supports pupils to meet the National Curriculum end of key stage attainment targets.

How we map the planning over the year:

Autumn Term Spring Term Summer Term
Drawing Drawing Drawing
Craft and Design Painting and Mixed Media Sculpture and 3D

Click on the link for a guide for parents and carers which provides a clear understanding of your child's art and design journey through our school.

What is the impact?

Click on the link below for the art impact statement for 2022 - 2023