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"I have no special talent.  I am only passionately curious"

Albert Einstein


Why do we teach Science? 
  • To spark the children's curiosity and encourage them to ask questions about the world around them
  • To equip the children with scientific knowledge and understanding of our world 
  • To develop investigation and problem-solving skills
  • To promote a respect for the natural world
  • To empower children to become active and responsible global citizens and make positive choices and contributions to move towards a greener future
What do we teach?

Our Science curriculum covers the three main areas of learning as set out in the national curriculum: 

  • Life & living processes (biology)
  • Materials (chemistry)
  • Physical processes (physics)

We want to give the children the opportunity to explore for themselves and therefore much of our science learning is undertaken through investigations.

Click on the link below to see the curriculum overview for Science.

What is the impact?

Click on the link below to see the impact statement of 2022 - 2023.