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School uniform

The DFE has published new statutory guidance about school uniforms – in particular the cost of it.  In light of this guidance, we have reviewed our school uniform policy, in consultation with children and parents. 

We are not making major changes to the overall look, but we are now encouraging parents to buy a no-logo cobalt blue sweatshirt from big retailers, rather than purchasing the more expensive sweaters, with a logo, at the school shop.  

As one of the house colours is yellow, we have changed the polo-shirt, which is part of the uniform, from yellow to white.  Please don’t feel obliged to go out and buy a white t-shirt if your child has a yellow t-shirt, but we ask that from this point moving forward, if you buy a new t-shirt for your child, that you buy a white polo-shirt.

Trousers and skirts continue to be grey and children are expected to wear appropriate shoes – school shoes or trainers (no bright colour trainers please).  

In the summer term, children can also wear blue Gingham dresses which can be purchased from big retailers.  

Regular sales of secondhand uniform take place in the school playground, usually at the end of each term.


For PE, we want to encourage all children to wear a navy tracksuit to school on the day they have PE (or navy shorts on warmer days).

This term we have introduced a house system.  Children are divided into 4 houses, each house represented by a colour, and we encourage all children to wear the colour t-shirt from their house (with their navy tracksuit) on the day they have PE. 

The navy tracksuit and yellow, red, green and blue t-shirts are available from big retailers.