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Home Learning

Why do we give home learning? 

The children's days are filled with ample, quality learning opportunities at Michael Faraday. Therefore, when children go home, we would like them to be active and have time to play in the garden/park, participate in sport and socialise with friends (... and preferably not via a video game!).  However, it is also important that children develop skills in using their time wisely and extend their learning beyond the school gate.  Home learning improves children’s thinking, memory and study skills which will serve them well in secondary school and throughout their life.

What home learning do we give?

All the children are expected to read at home every day.  The staff will check in regularly to see if the children are reading at home. All the children have reading records.

In addition to daily reading, the home learning expectations are:

  • Learning phonic sounds 
  • 'Learn its' (Maths)
Key Stage 1:
  • Learning phonic sounds and/or weekly spelling
  • Mathletics
Key Stage 2:
  • Weekly spelling - children have spelling books to record their weekly spellings
  • Mathletics
  • Timestable Rockstars 

The timetables children should know:

Year 2:  x10, x5, x2

Year 3:  x3,  x4,  x8

Year 4:  x6, x11, x12 are the new timetables to learn in Year 4 and by the end of the year they need to know all their timetables for the multiplication check. 

Year 5 and Year 6:  All the timestables

Year 6

In addition to home learning, closer to SATS in May, the teachers will also give the children some practice booklets to complete.