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Quotes from Parents

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  • "Exactly what I was looking for..."

    Published 25/11/21

    "As I visited primary schools for my son, Michael Faraday immediately stood out to me as being exactly what I was looking for; it was the ideal school I had in my mind. The new, modern and well-thought building with a big colourful open space full of the children's work instantly gave me a warm and happy feeling. The children I encountered all seemed joyful, polite and well-behaved. 

    The school has a very big playground, and not just a concrete one, there are trees and green to be seen. Reception has its own amazing playground which is impossible for young children not to love immediately (water play, sand pit, nature corner, vehicles, little houses, toys, etc). The staff is welcoming and happy to answer questions. 

    My son is proud of his school and feels happy and safe there. I look forward to my daughter attending too."

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  • 'The best thing...'

    Published 12/01/22

    "The best thing about this school is every time you get anywhere near it, all you see is children’s happy, smiling faces going in and out of the gate."

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  • "Highly reputable school..."

    Published 02/12/21

    'Michael Faraday is a highly reputable school in Southwark. Leadership is strong and effective in running the school together with staff. Standard of education is high - pupils are offered personalised learning  and are placed in small groups to ensure that they all meet their individual potential. The school has very strong links with the community and has an outstanding reputation. General atmosphere at the school is warm and friendly, with staff being helpful and polite at all times.'

    Parent of Michael Faraday

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