Butterfly Release

In Year 5, we have been looking after caterpillars for two weeks and they have now transformed into butterflies.When we first got them we put them, we put the caterpillars in little tubs with their food. A few days later they started to shed their skins and their heads! Not long after, they formed a cocoon (chrysalis). Basically, it’s their home while they become a butterfly. Later, when they finally grew into a butterfly we put them in a big net container with orange  and sugar water for them to eat.

On Friday 5th July 2019 ( sports day 2019), we released our butterflies into the wild. We used some orange juice on our arms to hold the butterflies(to attract them). Sadly, they were not confident enough so they flew away. But still we enjoyed having them 🙂

We hope to see them again in the playground.

By Farah


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