Sailing Trip

On a windy Monday, some lucky children were invited to go sailing in Surrey Docks.

My body was fizzing with joy and bursting with excitement on the way to Surrey Docks. I hoped this trip would be the best yet! When we finally arrived, my partner and I were in charge of different things (on the boat). I was in charge of the sail and my partner was in charge of the steering.When the sail flaps, I needed to pull the rope a bit and when the boat tilts a little, I let go of the rope.

After a few amazing minutes on the minute sailing boat, we went on the vast boat. Here is a list of things that were different about the second, vast boat:

1.It has a much bigger sail

2.It has a special boat compass

3. As the boat is BIGGER, it has a super super super SUPER VAST sail.


After our lunch, we went back to school. I have so many words to describe my day: super, amazing,spectacular,wonderful,marvellous and great! This was the most fantastic trip I had in my whole life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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