Year 6 Coding Trip

Last week, Year 6 travelled by bus to the coding  lab in Lambeth. On the journey we we walked  over the River Thames and we passed the famous Houses of Parliament (well, we walked opposite it!). When we arrived at the Lab, we met two men that work for the Lego co-operation. They explained to us  how to code a Lego robot. Once we knew what we were supposed to do, we split into small groups to code our own robot!

We started making the robots by getting a Lego battery, we then added a motor and we connected it to the battery. Next, we added different Lego pieces to make it look like a animal.Then we put all the components together  and started to code the robot. There were lots of things that we could tell it to do for example; making a noise, turning around or even shining a light. Next we programmed it with instructions to make it go forward and some of us even had races with other robots! Finally, after a long, fun day, we hopped on the bus and went back to school.

By Ria and Aedan