Year 5 Science Week Tower Experiment

For Science Week Year 5 have been working on building a tower stable enough to hold an egg. We could only use masking tape and newspaper, an egg and a plastic bowl to hold it inside. It had to be tall and secure , for the egg had to stay off the ground. As well as that, we had to be able to carry our towers to the testing table. For this challenge, we only had an hour to create our towers. When we tested our towers, they had to be able to hold the egg off the ground and stay idle for 15 seconds.

Our results were different than expected, especially as some towers were more successful than others. Most towers were unsuccessful due to the fact that they weren’t balanced.

Here are some tips that we found useful:

  • Always have a strong, firm base.
  • Use pyramid like shapes for a solid base.
  • Try and use beams in order to keep your tower tall and in shape.

It was an EGGTASTIC time!!


By Maya, Trang and Zainab

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