The Adventures of Odysseus Book Review

Title :The Adventures of Odysseus

Author: Homer (rewritten by Hugh Lupton and Daniel Morden)

Genre: It is a fiction and a fantasy book also about the adventures of a historical life. It has some scary mysteries. But mostly it is a myth and legend.Meet Odysseus the king of Ithaca and a fearless warrior. Follow him into wars, distress, jealousy and anger. He is very decisive. Try and find out what will happen. Will he survive or not ? Will he see his beloved  family ever again? Find out his beastly heartbreaking adventures in this book.Curiously, in this book Odysseus came across a new land full of animals. When he hobbled closer he noticed there was a beautiful woman who turned his crew members into pigs! He tries to stop her. But will he succeed to get his crew members back? If he does, will they still be pigs? Also find out about Odysseus’ brutal encounter with a cyclops, whose father is the mighty sea God Poseidon.  When Odysseus finally comes back to his homeland he finds greedy, selfish suitors, who want to marry his wife, have taken over his whole kingdom.I would probably recommend this book to my cousin and my brother since they both really like fighting and gory stuff like you can see in this book (it’s very gruesome).


By Imogen, Year 5
Odysseus front cover
Title : The Adventures of Odysseus

Author:  Hugh Lupton,Daniel Morden

Genre: Myth/Legend

Character Profile: Odysseus, King of Ithaca, sets on a voyage to Troy but when he returns,his voyage is much more strenuous. He is an intelligent man but will he get through?

Most Exciting Event: Odysseus finds an island with loads of cattle. He decides to go and have a rest before eating them but a giant with only one eye wants to eat Odysseus and his crew. Will he make it out?

Most Unusual Event: A witch turns Odysseus’ men into pigs but she feeds them before so they’re big and fat. Will Odysseus save the day?

Scariest Event: He goes to The land of the Dead where he gets his future told. He also sees his mother who wasn’t there before!!!!!!!

Recommendations: I would recommend it to children aged 7 -13 but also for people who don’t get scared easily, since it is very frightening.

Rating: 5/5

By Ilir, Year 5

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