Peppers Are Growing!!!

Year 5 at Michael Faraday Primary School have been growing 6 different kinds of peppers called: Antohi Romanian, Friggitello, Jalapeno, Hungarian hot wax, Golden bell and Red cherry. Each pupil from each table had 3 little seeds to put in the plant pot then they had to water their plants. The plants are now growing and 2 people have two water the plants every school morning to help them grow. Everyone is hoping to get a few peppers from their plants so they can enjoy eating their peppers.



Blog By Mario and Cleashei. Year 5

Arrival of baby chicks to Esther’s class

We’re really excited to be getting 14 chicken eggs!  They should be arriving on Monday 9th of May and we’ll receive the chicken eggs along with an incubator. We’re going to keep a careful eye on them for 3 days until they start to hatch, then, once they hatch, we’re going to share half with Emily’s class. ‘Chirpy Boy’ sounds like a good name for one of them!  We’ll post lots of pictures when we have them.

Fendy and Saida Year 5

Year 5 Sarah-Jane’s class History Topic – Shakespeare

Since it’s the 400th anniversary of William Shakespeare’s death, we have been learning about his life. Here are some facts about him:

  • he was born on April 23rd 1564 and died on 1616
  • he was a poet as well as a playwright
  •  he was in an acting group called ‘The Chamberlain Men’
  • because of the plague all of the theaters were shut down and Shakespeare found that times were hard but The Ural of Southampton liked his plays so he offered to give him money if he produced plays for him

This is one of the subjects we have been learning about. I hope you have learnt something new.

By Masood & Jamiratu Year 5a Sarah-Jane’s class