Billy Bob Buttons Author Visit

On the 5th of  June, an author called Billy Bob Buttons came in to school to tell us about his books and what inspired him to make books and be an author. Billy Bob Buttons’ most selling book is: I Think I murdered Miss, a story about a boy who wishes his teacher was hit by a bus and then it happens! Billy Bob Buttons used to be a secondary school English teacher and he is now a pilot as well as an author. Some of his books are Tor Assassin Hunter, Tor Wolf Rising, Gullfoss Legends and I think I Murdered Miss. Some of his books have been made into films.

He is working on a book called Mutiny’s Claw that is coming out soon. In his free time he likes to play tennis and, with his three children, he likes to play monsters.

By Nathaniel, Year 5


Year 5 Ramadan Assembly

On Thursday 9th May 2019, Year 5 did a class assembly all about Ramadan, a celebration for Muslims. Being part of this, I decided to write a poem about how tough it is to cope during Ramadan. I hope you enjoy!

This is the month of Ramadan

by Holly

This is the month of Ramadan,

A time where we fast as much as we can,

From sunrise to sunset,

Unless we’re in a jet,

From dusk till dawn we must always fast,

Until all the days have passed,

Ignoring the hunger,

Trying to brush it off with slumber,

Providing food for the poor,

As they look upon us in awe,

Praying 5 times a day, maybe a little more,

Our belief in God begins to soar,

We wake up in the morning, still in a daze,

Kneel on our mats and give the Lord praise,

Saying special words, trying not to make a mistake,

We may be tired, but can’t have a break!

Have any cravings, we can’t have that,

Try to keep your temper about your friend’s new hat!

This is the month of Ramadan,

A time where we fast as much as we can.

Year 6 Coding Trip

Last week, Year 6 travelled by bus to the coding  lab in Lambeth. On the journey we we walked  over the River Thames and we passed the famous Houses of Parliament (well, we walked opposite it!). When we arrived at the Lab, we met two men that work for the Lego co-operation. They explained to us  how to code a Lego robot. Once we knew what we were supposed to do, we split into small groups to code our own robot!

We started making the robots by getting a Lego battery, we then added a motor and we connected it to the battery. Next, we added different Lego pieces to make it look like a animal.Then we put all the components together  and started to code the robot. There were lots of things that we could tell it to do for example; making a noise, turning around or even shining a light. Next we programmed it with instructions to make it go forward and some of us even had races with other robots! Finally, after a long, fun day, we hopped on the bus and went back to school.

By Ria and Aedan

Year 5 Forensic Science Workshop

For Science Week, Year 5 have had a Forensic Science workshop! Our leader, who was hosting the workshop, was called James. It was all about investing a crime scene and determining which of the suspects had stolen the 500 diamonds from our precious school safe.

We learnt how to find evidence including fingerprints but also, we needed to know how to not contaminate the clues or  the crime scene. Everyone has a slightly different fingerprint. Even identical twins have different fingerprints. We were also taught that DNA is a good clue to find but it can’t always help you find the suspect.  The reason why is because if people are identical twins, they both will have the same kind of DNA. DNA stands for DEOXYRIBONUCLEIACID .

After all of that talking, we started searching for some evidence and there were all kinds. Some stuff didn’t give many clues like glasses, you never know if that person really wears glasses or if they belonged to someone else. We also found footprints and coins so they did leave some kind of currency.

Now let’s talk about the investigation. We split up into groups and we saw a folder that had a card with a name inside. We also found a fingerprint that was a loop shape so it had to be someone that also had a loop fingerprint. We also found a footprint and after all of that we mixed all of the clues together and we found out that the thief was named Mindy Morris. She also had an identical twin that had glasses – but a different fingerprint.

By Divine and Wayne

Year 5 Science Week Tower Experiment

For Science Week Year 5 have been working on building a tower stable enough to hold an egg. We could only use masking tape and newspaper, an egg and a plastic bowl to hold it inside. It had to be tall and secure , for the egg had to stay off the ground. As well as that, we had to be able to carry our towers to the testing table. For this challenge, we only had an hour to create our towers. When we tested our towers, they had to be able to hold the egg off the ground and stay idle for 15 seconds.

Our results were different than expected, especially as some towers were more successful than others. Most towers were unsuccessful due to the fact that they weren’t balanced.

Here are some tips that we found useful:

  • Always have a strong, firm base.
  • Use pyramid like shapes for a solid base.
  • Try and use beams in order to keep your tower tall and in shape.

It was an EGGTASTIC time!!


By Maya, Trang and Zainab

The Adventures of Odysseus Book Review

The Adventures of Odysseus Book Review

Title :The Adventures of Odysseus

Author: Homer (rewritten by Hugh Lupton and Daniel Morden)

Genre: It is a fiction and a fantasy book also about the adventures of a historical life. It has some scary mysteries. But mostly it is a myth and legend.Meet Odysseus the king of Ithaca and a fearless warrior. Follow him into wars, distress, jealousy and anger. He is very decisive. Try and find out what will happen. Will he survive or not ? Will he see his beloved  family ever again? Find out his beastly heartbreaking adventures in this book.Curiously, in this book Odysseus came across a new land full of animals. When he hobbled closer he noticed there was a beautiful woman who turned his crew members into pigs! He tries to stop her. But will he succeed to get his crew members back? If he does, will they still be pigs? Also find out about Odysseus’ brutal encounter with a cyclops, whose father is the mighty sea God Poseidon.  When Odysseus finally comes back to his homeland he finds greedy, selfish suitors, who want to marry his wife, have taken over his whole kingdom.I would probably recommend this book to my cousin and my brother since they both really like fighting and gory stuff like you can see in this book (it’s very gruesome).


By Imogen, Year 5
Odysseus front cover
Title : The Adventures of Odysseus

Author:  Hugh Lupton,Daniel Morden

Genre: Myth/Legend

Character Profile: Odysseus, King of Ithaca, sets on a voyage to Troy but when he returns,his voyage is much more strenuous. He is an intelligent man but will he get through?

Most Exciting Event: Odysseus finds an island with loads of cattle. He decides to go and have a rest before eating them but a giant with only one eye wants to eat Odysseus and his crew. Will he make it out?

Most Unusual Event: A witch turns Odysseus’ men into pigs but she feeds them before so they’re big and fat. Will Odysseus save the day?

Scariest Event: He goes to The land of the Dead where he gets his future told. He also sees his mother who wasn’t there before!!!!!!!

Recommendations: I would recommend it to children aged 7 -13 but also for people who don’t get scared easily, since it is very frightening.

Rating: 5/5

By Ilir, Year 5

Peppers Are Growing!!!

Year 5 at Michael Faraday Primary School have been growing 6 different kinds of peppers called: Antohi Romanian, Friggitello, Jalapeno, Hungarian hot wax, Golden bell and Red cherry. Each pupil from each table had 3 little seeds to put in the plant pot then they had to water their plants. The plants are now growing and 2 people have two water the plants every school morning to help them grow. Everyone is hoping to get a few peppers from their plants so they can enjoy eating their peppers.



Blog By Mario and Cleashei. Year 5

Arrival of baby chicks to Esther’s class

We’re really excited to be getting 14 chicken eggs!  They should be arriving on Monday 9th of May and we’ll receive the chicken eggs along with an incubator. We’re going to keep a careful eye on them for 3 days until they start to hatch, then, once they hatch, we’re going to share half with Emily’s class. ‘Chirpy Boy’ sounds like a good name for one of them!  We’ll post lots of pictures when we have them.

Fendy and Saida Year 5

Year 5 Sarah-Jane’s class History Topic – Shakespeare

Since it’s the 400th anniversary of William Shakespeare’s death, we have been learning about his life. Here are some facts about him:

  • he was born on April 23rd 1564 and died on 1616
  • he was a poet as well as a playwright
  •  he was in an acting group called ‘The Chamberlain Men’
  • because of the plague all of the theaters were shut down and Shakespeare found that times were hard but The Ural of Southampton liked his plays so he offered to give him money if he produced plays for him

This is one of the subjects we have been learning about. I hope you have learnt something new.

By Masood & Jamiratu Year 5a Sarah-Jane’s class